Confidence Hacks – Breathing and Power Stances

Demonstrating confidence, and being able to sell your product/service is crucial in business. But not everyone is born with confidence, for some it takes some development and work. I found that researching into breathing and power stances became the ultimate confidence hack for business.


What I Hoped to Learn

How to remain calm under pressure and exude confidence and dominance.


The Development of my Skills and Attributes

I came across a video by Dr Alan Watkins about how to be brilliant every day.

He referred to me to a body language video by Alison Amy Cuddy about power stances.

Then there is dominance. It was fascinating when Donald Trump met Theresa May recently he was wearing his red tie and she ensured she wore predominantly red to portray dominance.


It seems to me the panacea of everything you need in business is a way to feel confident and all conquering. It’s also a way to remain calm under pressure, to remain in the zone of making decisions effortlessly.

The ultimate in soft skills if you like.


There is lots of theory regarding the brain and how it works. I like Marisa Peers adage that “I am enough”. The repetition of that statement cures 80% of her patients. Also identifying past incidents with the perspective of an adult looking back, rather than a child living the moment, can solve lots of hang ups. She boasts many A-List celebrities as clients.

I also Like Dr Steve Peters’ “The Chimp Paradox” as a way of simply understanding what is going on in your head. Not a bad couple of case studies to have, including Britain’s greatest ever male and female Olympians. The Olympians follow the strategy of focusing on the process not the outcome as a means of channeling your chimp as a motivating force.


For me though, Dr Alan Watkins explains the psychology and the physiology of motivation through several layers, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, physiology. Ultimately concluding by following his breathing techniques breathing regularly, evenly and through the heart as a means of getting the human mind and body focused on the task in hand.


I figure it links into mediation and yoga techniques for remaining calm under pressure. However, it simply explains the physiological process as to why it works.

Simply breathing in a repetitive manner through the heart for a defined period gets control of the moment. As a result, it enables the human to be brilliant every day.

Align that with the power stance psychology Amy Cuddy preaches, and what a powerful individual I’ve become – brilliant every day.  Portraying dominance when required by wearing red.


Applying the Learnings

The three techniques and this confidence hack have transformed my life professionally for the better.


Further Learnings and their Application

I continue to study body language, the science of colour and psychology in everyday life.



Get your Value Builder Score today and start to transform your business.

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